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2022 Books from D&T

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Clown Peeking Through Window
2022 Books From D&T: Text

ABC's of Terror, Volume IV

When you think of your neighbors, what do you think of? The friendly older couple that wave each day as you return home from work. The guy across the street that is always working in his yard. The lady that walks her dog around your home. What if you found out those people had horrifying secrets? Secrets not meant for the world to know. This book contains 26 stories of neighbors to hope you never encounter. 

Includes stories from -

R.J. Benetti 

Peter Caffrey

Benjamin Chadwick

Shawnna Deresch 

Ash Ericmore

Chris Grindstaff

Matt Henshaw

W. Dale Jordan

D.A. Latham

Todd Love

Nathan D. Ludwig

John Lynch

Gary McDonough

Connor McQueen 

Matt Micheli

Harrison Phillips

Joe Scipione

John Shupeck

Elton Skelter

Colt Skinner

J. Snow

Megan Stockton

Steve Thompson 

B.M. Tolkovsky

Mark Towse

Arther Wick

abs vol 4.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Portrait of a Nuclear Family

Wanda has uncovered a dark secret that could shatter the image of her perfect family.
Attempting to force the situation back into the societal framework she’d strived for years to
present, events spiral out of control. Secrets threaten to emerge from a carefully suppressed past
and become public. To save her family’s reputation, Wanda succumbs to a madness no one could
have expected.

portrait of a nuclear family.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

The Avarice

Avarice - “extreme greed for wealth or material gain.”

Everyone wants to be ahead of the game. A little richer going out of this world than they came into it. But how far is too far? Between these pages you will find 7 tales of riches, the people who were hurt to gain them and the ones who would do anything to acquire them. Includes stories from -

Nico Bell

Jill Girardi 

Lyndsey Ellis Holloway

Ruthann Jagge

Kenzie Jennings

Rebecca Rowland

Sonora Taylor

All proceeds from this anthology will go to The Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley HWA scholarship.

2022 Books From D&T: Text

Born Sick

When two soon-to-be doctors find themselves as roommates in medical school, they have no idea how much they have in common. As light begins to lift the shadows of the past, thoughts for the future begin to take shape. Being a doctor has been a dream for both men, but both have also struggled with their own personal nightmares. Years of counselling and searching for some kind of trauma to explain their individual desires has left them with no conclusions except for the obvious. They weren’t made into monsters by society. They weren’t tortured adolescents who were pushed into darkness. They were just born that way. They were born sick.
Follow two timelines on a twisted road trip of experiments, kidnapping, and much more. No need to worry, these men are professionals.  

born sick.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Reconstructing A Relationship

Drew and Terry while out on a date suffer a terrible car accident. The boyfriend dies, but the
girlfriend survives. Desperate to be with her love once more, Terry steals Drew’s brain from the
morgue and escapes the hospital. She’s determined to bring him back, by any means necessary.
Through years of reading ancient books, learning forgotten languages, and drawing symbols she
cannot comprehend, Terry successfully gets what she wants… And, what she deserves.

resurrecting a relationship v2 (1).jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Optic Nerve

Shawn is a scientist developing the formula for a drug that may cure blindness by stimulating
another area of the brain that controls perception. When he surreptitiously tests the drug on
himself, he accidentally accesses a neural pathway that appears to allow him to communicate
with a complete stranger through telepathy instead. The more he learns about the stranger,
however, the more familiar she becomes, even as his attempts to locate her in person are
repeatedly foiled. When Shawn finally discovers the significance of their connection and of the
drug’s true effects, it is too late to stop the damage their intimate friendship has set in motion
to unfold.

optic nerve (2) (1).jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

The Exeter Incident

As a series of gruesome murders are discovered in Exeter, Detective Inspectors Danni
Brent and John Carter begin to suspect the killer may not be human. Their investigation is
only a few hours old when they also realise the murderer can’t be acting alone.
There’s more than one.
A lot more.
Paul Kingston is on the run and hiding in Exeter. Whilst trying to secure a new
identity, he comes face to face with an impossible monster. Hunted, alone and afraid, who
can he turn to? Who can he trust?
None of them know that Exeter is about to experience its darkest day.
None of them know time is running out.
The clock is already ticking….

exeter incident.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Becoming 2: Rage

The rats are just behind the walls. Can you hear them? Scratching and gnawing their way through?

Cody's first change was just a glimpse. The world he left behind was a lie, and the new is built on secrets. Angela didn't ask to become a monster, especially not for her thirst for blood. It's not the humans she has to worry about, but the vampires closest to her.

Strangers in their own skins, Cody and Angela must find their way through this world of darkness, with so much blood already on their hands.

Rage is the second book in the Becoming series, full of monsters, magic, and creatures older than time itself. We don't always choose the path ahead of us, only the sins we drag behind.

If you don't like the skin you're in…change it.

becoming 2.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Vanishing of the 7th Grade

Nobody can explain why Sophia Kershaw’s classmates have disappeared... Does it have
something to do with the arrival of their strange new 7 th grade teacher? At first, Mz. (“not
Miss, not Mrs., not Ms.”) Salem is playful and kind, but the woman becomes increasingly
sinister as her students begin to vanish on their way home from school. What does
Sophia do once she suspects that her teacher is the culprit responsible for all the missing

vanishing of the 7th grade cover.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

After the Burn

It was a picture-perfect Fourth of July; one that heralded both celebration and pride for millions. Folks enjoyed parades and cook-outs, the playful laughter of children and a velvet sky alive with fireworks. Afterward, they went to sleep, happy and contented, without a care in the world. Then at midnight, the sun came up, brighter than a billion sparklers and hotter than Hell unleashed.

They called it The Burn. The senseless detonation of nuclear devices across the face of the earth; randomly scattered, without rhyme or reason. Civilization as we knew it was consumed in fire that day and, from its ashes, rose a horrifying phoenix of boundless evil and depravity. Those who had once clung to the shadows, because of law and moral restraint, now stepped boldly forward to stake their unholy claim…

This collection of two novellas and six short stories follows the exploits of a handful of survivors in a nuclear-devastated world ruled by the dregs of the Earth: serial killers, child molesters, rapists, and cannibals, as well as radiation-evolved mutants. This is surely Ronald Kelly's most extreme work to date. Now open the cover and prepare for The Burn!

2022 Books From D&T: Text

Love Potion #666

The hatred and jealousy that has festered for years between a mother and her daughter will kill every
man they've ever loved. And raise them back from the dead!
Leanna Forsythe is a sociopathic sexpot fresh out of prison and ready to dish out some bloody payback.
Her ex-lover and her mother plotted to send her to the big house so they could be together. Now, with
Mom away in Haiti on some mumbo jumbo vision quest, Leanna and her meathead boyfriend Mikey
seize the perfect opportunity to get back at mommy dearest...
...Teena Forsythe returns home to Corpus Christi after becoming a full mambo voodoo priestess; a
lifetime in the making for her. The afterglow is short-lived when she finds her live-in lover savagely
murdered and her experimental sex dust stolen out from under her nose. She knows Leanna plans to
sell it to the highest bidder for a ton of cash, so she devises a nightmarish plan of her own to chase the
dust-addicted lovers to the bloody, bitter ends of the earth.

love potion 666 cover with blurb.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Scream of the Butterfly

Handsome, gifted young James Laurent has a story to tell you. His father will likely be the next governor, and his own future is bright. But James carries a dark secret--he's a sociopath who's done terrible things, and he doesn't know how to love.
That is, until he meets Morgan, a strong, beautiful farm girl who captures his heart and turns his world on its ear. But Morgan harbors secrets of her own…and as James will discover, creatures far darker than he walk this earth.

scream of the butterfly 3.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

ZOO: Eight Tales of Animal Horror

We see the animal world every day without realizing how close we are to unspeakable terrors.

2022 Books From D&T: Text


What do you believe?

Kevin Bailey doesn’t believe in anything—ghosts, God, or anything in between. Kevin wants the rest of the world to see the truth, but no one will listen. So he’ll make them listen.

Recruiting three students from a nearby college, Kevin has set up an experiment to end the debate once and for all—a phony paranormal investigation. Spirits aren’t real; all you have to do is turn the lights off and tell a scary story. Suddenly, the little blond girl beside you thinks she’s hemorrhaging blood all over the carpet. Or take the tall boy, the one with all the muscles. Just tell him his dead brother will appear in the backseat of his car tonight, and it’s off to the races! And the fat one…the one who thinks he’s a witch. He’s a tough nut to crack, but we’ll get him. After all, it’s easy when they all believe…when they all want to believe.

So, what about you? What do you believe? Is it all just a show, or is the creak in the boards really the devil's footsteps? Is the noise in the kitchen from the refrigerator's exhaust fan, or is it some incomprehensible abomination, slowly making its way towards you to have a little fun in the dark? 


So step up to the campfire! Throw your bags on the ground and grab a seat on the nearest log. I want to tell you a story, and I want to see if you believe it by the end. If you're willing to open your ears and close your eyes, I'll show you the complete truth. Just keep your eyes closed shut, no matter what happens. Remember, just don' eyes...

projection cover.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

One Last Shindig includes bonus novelette Watch Me Fly

One Last Shindig—the new novella from the author of Nana, Crows, Nature’s Perfume, and Hope
The world as we know it is coming to an end, but this group of geriatrics on one last shindig have no
idea what’s in store. As far as they’re concerned, they’re on a quick jaunt to see a cave full of glow-
worms and then back to the hotel for apple pie and custard.
So, get the muscle spray ready and change into your big underpants, because you’re going to need
them. Take your seat on this hilarious and terrifying coach tour into Hell.
Includes exclusive bonus novelette, “Watch Me Fly.”
Since day one, David has dreamt of being a superhero-to spread his wings and escape the iron fist of
his mother. But we can't escape our past, no matter how hard we flap our arms, and his mother's
voice won't leave him be.

one last shindig cover.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Zombie Nazis on a Train

June 1944. The eve of Operation Overlord. A crack team. What could go wrong?

For team FoxHound it was another infiltration mission into Nazi occupied Germany. Locating their target, scientist Jans Isenstadt, the team discovers how perverse the Nazis truly are.

With time running out, can FoxHound chase down and stop Isenstadt and the Zombie Nazis On A Train?

zombie nazis on a train.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Only Psychos

Who will survive the storm?

It was a blizzard for the ages. Two, massive snow storms strike back-to-back, causing
chaos in the Hudson Valley.
Anna, and her two children, are without power and the temperature is plummeting. Their
situation seems bleak, but a break in the storm gives them a chance at salvation. Anna flees her
home, hoping to find safety in a local hotel, but what she finds is madness.
Scott is a man on the run. His travel partner, Mary, is the quiet type, but that doesn’t
bother Scott. The severed pinkie he keeps in his pocket is all the distraction he needs.
Jackie and Beau, two young lovers, and budding porn stars, have left their simple lives
for ones of adventure. On their wild trek across the states, a blizzard puts a damper on their
plans, forcing them into an old hotel. An old hotel with a violent and disturbing past.
The snow piles up and more guests continue to arrive…but who will see the morning?
Will the secrets in the basement remain hidden or will the years of torment be unleashed?
There are no normal guests at the Elk Dale Hotel…Only Psychos!

only psychos.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

In the Arctic Sun

The trees of Alaska’s Arctic wilderness have always been Sarah’s sentries and her house, a
fortress, isolated from society and an abusive marriage.
Until it isn’t.
The arrival of a new neighbor and an oil company drilling through primordial, cold earth changes
the forest of her valley. It bleeds through the serenity and disrupts her home, her sanity. Plagued
with insomnia from the midnight sun, Sarah increasingly suspects something is using her
sanctuary to hide from the bright, incessant light. An insidious menace, ancient and beyond
explanation, using the wilderness for cover. Her personal demon that cares nothing for Sarah or
her mental health. Something that won’t stop until it takes it all.

arctic sun.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Beyond the Creek

When Alex Foster accepted the caregiver position with the eccentric Nox family, she was issued a single rule. Don’t wander past the creek. Alex isn’t interested in exploring the Nox’s vast wooded property. After escaping an abusive past, her sole focus is building a safe future for herself and her unborn baby. Except, a series of chilling events threatens her happily-ever-after. Now, she must fight to survive an ancient evil before all hope is lost. There’s something beyond the creek, and it’s hungry.

beyond the creek.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

The New Girls' Patient

Jamie Carver is an inexperienced young woman eager to change her life.
Recently certified in nursing, she’s the new girl working at a facility for the elderly.
When her favorite patient dies, the frail woman leaves her a handwritten recipe book as a final
thank you.
Dark secrets of Elizabeth’s life hide between the pages.
One evening, a pair of dangerous men intent on learning Elizabeth’s secrets to steal her fortune
brutally abduct Jamie and two of her girlfriends.
They trap the women deep in the cellar of a crumbling mansion, where their survival depends on
each other. They must unravel a shocking family history before sunrise or die.
Can Jamie rely on her friends, or will she resort to calling on unnatural forces to help overcome
her captors and stay alive?

the new girls patient brighter.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text

Attack of the 3-D Zombies

What happens when you’re underage and you successfully sneak into the scariest zombie movie ever made? If you’re lucky, then you can just leave after the movie is finished and brag about it to your classmates on Monday morning. If you’re Will and John, however, then you’ll quickly find yourselves in over your head when the zombies from the movie decide to follow you out of the theater. How will the boys survive this bizarre turn of events? Will they live long enough to brag about it in school?

attack of the 3d zombies hi rez cover.jpg
2022 Books From D&T: Text
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