Questions and answers about our NFT program.

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NFT Faq Sheet
1. What are NFTs?
A non-fungible token (NFT) uses blockchain technology (a public ledger) to create something
unique in the digital world. Ownership of NFTs can be proved and verified on the ledger. In our case
the NFT is digital art created from a scene/character in the correlated book. In buying the NFT, the
owner gains access to a digital copy of the book. This privilege transfers with each second-hand sale.
2. Does the author retain copyright?
The NFT holds exclusive rights to the book for 5 years in digital and audiobook format. After which, the NFT retains lifetime access to digital and audiobook. Author may seek to publish traditional physical copies after this time. The author is committing the work to this form of distribution and understands the digital and audiobook are tied to the NFT with guaranteed access for the owner, and future owners. 
3. Form of royalties?
The NFT will be sold on utilizing the Polygon network, in exchange for the
networks native token MATIC. Royalties include 50% of all initial sales and secondhand sales (not
withstanding tax regulations). Each time the NFT is sold, there is a 4% royalty taken from the sale
and distributed to the creator, IE – D&T Publishing LLC, which is split with the author 50/50. After
two years, the author receives 100% of secondhand royalties. The author has the choice of receiving
disbursement in MATIC or USDC stable coin. The author will need to provide digital crypto wallet
address. We can easily explain the process to obtain a digital wallet.
4. NFT ownership rights regarding the book?
The owner of the NFT can in no way publish, display, modify or adapt the manuscript. The
owner is given a digital copy of the book, in it’s original, edited form.

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