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D&T 2022 Authors

Meet the gang!

Three Zombies
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John Cady

John Cady was born and raised in Massachusetts. When he’s not busy teaching the English Language Arts to juvenile offenders, he’s writing scary stories. These stories can be found in multiple anthologies, including After The Kool Aid Is Gone, It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies, and ABC’s of Terror Volume 3. His debut novel Attack of the 3-D Zombies will be published in January of 2022 as the first installment in D&T’s Little Gremlins line.

John Cady Author Photo.jpg
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Ruthann Jagge

Ruthann grew up in Upstate New York where her favorite month of October is magical.

She currently lives on a cattle ranch in Texas, and the porches on her 100 year farmhouse are painted "haint blue."

She writes dark speculative fiction and horror, and her work is included in numerous successful anthologies. Extensive travel and appreciation for homegrown horror and superstition influence her characters and settings.

Her first solo novella will be published by D&T Publishing,LLC in January 2022.

Work in progress includes book one of an intended trilogy.

Other passions include cooking, travel, sewing, and dancing with her demons. 

Her large blended family keeps her sane most of the time.

Affiliate Writer HWA.

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Joe Scipione

Joe Scipione lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two kids. He has had stories published in many anthologies including “Stories We Tell After Midnight: Volume 2,” “It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies,” “Good Southern Witches” and “Trigger Warning: Hallucinations.” His debut novel PERHAPS SHE WILL DIE will be out in 2021. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and a Senior Contributor at where he writes book reviews. When he’s not reading or writing you can usually find him cheering on one of the Boston sports teams or walking around the lakes near his home. Find him on twitter: @joescipione0 or at  

JS Author Photo.jpg
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R.F. Blackstone

R.F. Blackstone has been writing for over 15 years starting in the hallowed world of scripting. After many would-be deals with the Devil, R.F. decided to say "Screw it" then picked up the mantle of novelist and he has never looked back. His published works include Kaiju World and The Valley of Bicho for Severed Press and Flicker and The Book of Spite.

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Rowan Hill

Rowan Hill is an American born - Australian raised horror and science fiction author with an education background who has lived in too many places to recount. She particularly enjoys writing flawed female protagonists who occasionally murder and would describe herself as a product of the 80s, synth soundtrack included. She has several short story credits to date in various horror anthologies and online magazines. Her debut novella, In The Arctic Sun, will be published by D&T Publishing in 2022.

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Christophe Maso

Christophe Maso is a member of the Denver Horror Collective, Fiction Foundry, Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, and is former fiction editor for the (now defunct) City Morgue Magazine. His short story, “Feast of the Senses”, appears in the Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo anthology.
He’s a former infantry Marine, and he prefers to write drunk, edit sober, and read lots. When not engaged in any of those three, you can find him jumping out of airplanes, riding horses, ranging into the wilderness, playing guitar, skiing mountains, sailing boats, coding websites, enjoying the company of friends, and living as though tomorrow’s been cancelled (but just might arrive, anyway).

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Nathan D. Ludwig

Nathan is a writer and filmmaker as well as the founder of the acclaimed GenreBlast Film Fest at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, 
VA. He's won several awards for his screenplays and short films and his short stories have been published by D&T Publishing, Grinning Skull Press, and Terror Tract Publishing. His debut novella, "Love Potion #666" will be published by D&T Publishing in 2022. He is currently working on his second book while also co-producing the feature film adaptation of the horror anthology Worst Laid Plans from Grindhouse Press along with the book's editor, Samantha Kolesnik. He resides in Richmond, VA with his wife and their two daughters. He loves Warren Zevon, independent pro-wrestling, and spicy ramen.

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John Shupeck

John Shupeck is an author from Pittsburgh, PA with eight other books under his belt: Red Town Lost, 12 Nights of Sorry, the Isolation Anthology Volume 1, Hag, US, Lilibeth, Separating You: A Self-Help Book for the Lost, Lonely, and Psychotically Obsessed (written as Dr. Jason Carson), and Killing with Don: 50 Reasons to Make America Kill Again (also written as Dr. Jason Carson). He spends his time between the United States and Lupon, Davao Oriental, Philippines with his beautiful wife, Cherry.

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Evan Baughfman

Evan Baughfman is a middle school teacher and author.

Much of Evan’s writing success has been as a playwright, his original plays finding homes in theaters worldwide. A number of his scripts are published through Heuer Publishing, YouthPLAYS, Next Stage Press, and Drama Notebook. A resident of Southern California, Evan is a member Force of Nature Productions theater company in Burbank.

Evan has also found success writing horror fiction, his work found most recently in anthologies by Black Hare Press, DBND Publishing, and Grinning Skull Press. Additionally, Evan has adapted a number of his short stories into screenplays, of which "The Tell-Tale Art," “A Perfect Circle,” and “The Creaky Door” have won awards in various film festival competitions. 

Evan’s first short story collection, The Emaciated Man and Other Terrifying Tales from Poe Middle School, is published through Thurston Howl Publications. More information is available at

Baughfman Evan_headshot.jpeg
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David Watkins

David Watkins lives in Devon in the UK with his wife, two sons, dog, cat and two turtles. He is unsure of his place in the pecking order: probably somewhere between the cat and the turtles.

He has currently released three novels: The Original's Return, The Original's Retribution and The Devil's Inn. Each book is well rated and reviewed on Amazon and beyond. His most recent release is Rhitta Gawr, a short story set on Snowdon in Wales. 

He hates referring to himself in the third person, but no-one else is going to write this for him.

David can be found on Twitter so drop by and say hello @joshfishkins, where you'll find him ranting about horror, the British education system and Welsh rugby, but not usually at the same time.

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Aaron Lebold

Aaron Lebold is a Canadian psychological horror author who has been writing seriously since 2017. Working with youth during the day, he writes as often as he can. After struggling with addiction for many years and trying to find his voice, he went back to school and became an addictions counselor. After eight years of helping youth in recovery, he made the decision to focus on writing more seriously. His work is currently featured in numerous anthologies published by various publishers. Since he began writing he has published two full-length novels, which can both be found on Amazon. Genocide was released in 2020 with Breaking Rules Publishing, and Quarantine was released in 2021 with Terror Tract Publishing. He has another novel coming in late July of 2021, and has recently signed with D&T Publishing for a book to be released in 2022.

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Rebecca Rowland

Rebecca Rowland is the dark fiction author of The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight, Pieces, and the upcoming White Trash & Recycled Nightmares and the curator of five horror anthologies. She is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association and her book reviews, articles, and short fiction regularly appear in an assortment of independent venues. Despite her love of the ocean and distaste for cold climates, she makes her home in a landlocked city in New England. For links to her latest work and social media, to send her a friendly hello, or just to surreptitiously stalk her, visit her painfully pedestrian website,

RebeccaRowland_authorphoto_June 2021.jpeg
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JP Behrens

JP Behrens is a graduate of Rowan University’s Writing Arts Program. His short stories have appeared in Fairly Wicked Tales, The Purple Wall, and the Paper Butterfly. His novel, PORTAIT OF A NUCLEAR FAMILY is due out mid to late 2022 from D & T Publishing. During rare moments not taken up by reading and writing, JP spends time with his family and practices Kung Fu.

You can follow his random thoughts at his website, or follow him on Twitter @JPBehrens. The vast majority of his posts are what he’s just finished reading and the occasional observation.

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Ryan LaPlante

Ryan has been a freelance screenwriter and writing coach for more than a decade and his produced screenplays have received more than 40 awards and international distribution. He has worked across all genres in film and television and has head written and narrative designed 18 different video game titles. In 2016 he founded a podcast company (Dumb-Dumbs & Dice) whose science fiction, fantasy and horror shows have received more than one million listens to date. He is currently writing his third novel, an epic fantasy, The Gift, and will be attending Emerson College’s MFA program in Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing in the fall of 2021.

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Nico Bell

Nico Bell is the author of Food Fright and editor of Shiver: A Chilling Horror Anthology. Several of her short stories have found homes in amazing outlets such as The Second Corona Book of Horrors and the Gothic Blue Book Volume 6: A Krampus Carol. Nico is an avid reader and currently reviews books for Publisher’s Weekly. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram @nicobellfiction, and her website is

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Lucas Milliron

Long story short, I’ve been through some shit. Haven’t we all? The difference isn’t really the baggage, but how we carry it with us. I’m a born and raised native Florida, oldest of three siblings to a loving mother and father. Married to my wife and still residing in South Florida.

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Frank Edler

Frank J. Edler is the author of many twisted novels and uncanny short stories often cited as 'laugh out loud' reads. His work walks the fine line between horror and the bizarre. He resides in New Jersey, a land that is both horrific and bizarre. When not writing, Mr. Frank hosts the wildly popular Bizzong! The Weird & Wacky Fiction Podcast heard exclusively on Project Entertainment Network.

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