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Shadow Sleepers

The second book in the Haven Manor trilogy.

New days are here at last.

The new couple here is moving fast.

We dare you to sleep or close your eyes

As you listen closely to dark night skies.

Building here is nothing new

Yet it is hard to know what's real and true.

This land will grant you all you wish

But you must sacrifice those you'd miss

At Haven Manor dreams do come true

But remember, nightmares are dreams too.

Cee and Aaron are on their way to the new life they have envisioned for their small family. With a baby on the way, this newlywed couple is eager, as well as impatient, to start their newest adventure. The young couple quickly learns being naive and stubborn can be deadly traits to possess when you enter the gates of Haven Manor. 

The days are quickly filled as they work to make their dreams come to fruition, while the nights are plagued with nightmares learning quickly that only those who have experienced the hauntings of Haven Manor can rescue them. 

Their fate is in the hands of those who have faced the horrors the land possesses. But, they soon learn, not all is what it seems.

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Nana: A term of endearment used in some countries for one’s Grandma. Some say the title is derived from the Italian word for Grandmother, Nonna. Another theory is that it stems from the word Nanny, i.e., someone who takes care of children.
Meet Olly’s nana, Ivy. It takes more than clean dentures, brandy, and bingo night to keep this one happy!Nana Ivy lives in Newhaven Crescent, where most of the other residents are past their expiry date and all kinds of batshit crazy, the kind of place where you hang your sanity up at the door.Being the matriarchal type, Ivy cares for the other residents as though they were kin, so of course, it’s of enormous concern when their veins begin to blacken and they start shedding skin, not to mention the glistening things crawling out of their hair. They’re pushing their luck, and Nana Ivy knows it.Did I mention she has a dark secret?Young Olly doesn’t know what to make of it when he comes to visit, but he’s about to find out there’s more to his nana than cough drops and slippers. Oh yes, he’s in for a long night.

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Uninvited Others

The secrets here are seldom told
None are known from young to old
Songs and footsteps in the hall
Just hold your breath when whispers call
The air will chill, your body shakes
With every new soul, it will take
Listen closely to the ghosts
For they know what it aches for most
Beware of shapes the shadows make
For you will be the next it takes

Moving can be an exhilarating escape from mundane life. But Jeremiah only feels a deep sense of fear at the thought of moving back to his childhood home. His wife, Scarlett, has been submissive and understanding since being told that their family would need to move, but Jeremiah didn't tell her the whole story.
Haven Manor has the look of a modern-day castle but holds many secrets and a sinister history that pleads to be unearthed. Fighting against mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, and a confusing family dynamic, Scarlett will do everything in her power to expose the hauntings of Haven Manor. But beware, once you enter the gates of Haven Manor......there is no escaping.

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It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Dies

We all know the games. The ones we played as kids. The ones we all have fond memories of, crowded around a kitchen table with family, piled in the floor with friends around the TV, or standing in front of the flashing lights of an arcade game. The games that when we look back at our childhood, we have at least one memory of. But what if, those games turned sinister? What if they were real and out for revenge? In this story collection, the games are taking over.....and they’re out for blood.

it's all fun and games until somebody di

ABC's of Terror, Volume 2

Footsteps on the stairs, cabinets standing open, a drastic drop in temperature, these are all signs that you may be experiencing a visitor from the spectral plane. In these twenty six stories, you will get to visit those places where supernatural forces have staked claim. Places where the dead move freely and stalk the unsuspecting people unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. Ghostly tales await you from twenty six different locations. Just remember, keeping the lights on helps...most of the time.

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After the Kool-Aid is Gone

In the world we live in today, what is more horrific than true life? Seems everyone has a view and a stance. So, what will happen after the Kool-Aid is gone? When decisions have been made and eyes have been opened? Between these covers, are seventeen stories about what just might be on the agenda.

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ABC's of Terror

That bump in the night. The thing in your closet. A scratching under your bed. Those urban legends you heard around a campfire. Between these pages are twenty-six terrifying tales of things that make you shiver in the dark. Twenty-four authors have come together to share with you what makes them scream. Come on this journey, if you dare.